Insurance passengers from accidents

What is life & health insurance in Citydrive

Free life & health insurance is available for all Citydrive users. Citydrive as NTS LLC is the policyholder, and Renaissance Insurance Group Ltd. is the insurer.

If any insured event occurs, the insurer will pay the insurance indemnity to insured — the driver and passengers who were in the car during the trip.

What is considered as insured events and implies the insurance indemnity

  • death of the insured as a result of transport accident, hereinafter — death of the insured;
  • bodily injury of the insured as a result of an accident on transport, hereinafter — bodily injury of the insured;
  • disability of the insured as a result of an accident on transport, hereinafter — disability of the insured.

What to do if an insured event has occurred

First of all, call an ambulance for injured at 103 or 112, and then:

  • call the Renaissance Insurance Group Ltd. at 8 (800) 333-88-00;
  • tell an employee of the company that your policyholder is NTS LLC, and the contract number is 001-GCP-10957/21, dated August 3, 2021;
  • wait for further instructions from the insurance company.

Who will receive the insurance indemnity if an insured event occurs

In case of death of the insured — his or her legitimate heirs. In case of bodily injury or disability — the insured.

What isn’t considered as an insured event and doesn’t imply the insurance indemnity

Death, bodily injury and disability af the insured aren’t insured events if:

  1. the insured committed or attempted to commit a crime, participated in any illegal activities;
  2. the insured committed suicide or tried to do it;
  3. the insured was drunk or the insured was drunk or took narcotic, toxic, psychotropic or potent substances voluntarily and without a doctor's prescription, and this fact is the direct cause of an accident;
  4. the insured suffered or suffers from a mental illness that was the direct or indirect cause of an accident;
  5. the insured, the policyholder or the insurer committed a crime or other intentional act in order to receive the insurance indemnity;
  6. the car was driven by a person who has no rights to do this;
  7. there were more people in the car than provided by the manufacturer;
  8. the driver was transporting passengers on a commercial basis without a permit or license, or when the relevant document was suspended;
  9. the driver was transporting passengers on a commercial basis and was in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication.

Please take care of yourself and drive carefully!